#128 - Classic Capers


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Another collection of great games, all 100% machine code and many based on established commercial classics. First off we have CAVELORD, a superb four way scrolling cave adventure similar to Joust in which you fly around on an ostrich like bird exploring the caves and fighting nasties. KRAZYCAT is a simple but addictive shoot 'em up in which you must kill off hundreds of caterpillars racing across the screen, you won't get them in one shot! MIDAS is a super Pacman clone with a difference, lots of magic gates to open and many levels. QUIX is a version of the Atari classic in which you have to capture as much of the screen as you can whilst avoiding the quix spark. SLITHER is an angle worms in a maze game, nicely done and quite challenging and finally, there is XEVIOUS a version of the World War II plane bombing classic (not the same version as on disk #57). All in all, a fine collection of top games for you to enjoy.