#132 - Mission Challenge


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More great games in machine language and Basic including some of those incredible German games that seem to set new standards in Basic programming. Top of the class is MISSION X, a helicopter exploration of a cavern system with some excellent fine vertical scrolling. The three machine language games include BOMBERS, a simple 1 or 2 player game in which a canyon is bombed by plane and balloon to see who can score the higher, RAMBUG II, a novel game in which insects are exterminated with an electric beam and SCORPION, a Tempest type program in which your scorpion must clear a grid exterminating the spiders before they spin their webs to the perimeter. Other games are EGON, platforms and ladders collecting gold and covering all the floor area, DDDLABY, a three-dimensional labyrinth and maze and MUNSTER, a pacman variant with a strategic element added making it difficult to decide which order to gobble the dots. To round off there are a couple of angle worms/ caterpillar games that are a little different from earlier versions and quite playable. Another fine games collection.