#133 - Children's Songs


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Dozens of childrens' favourites on the Composers Jukebox. Songs for all ages to play and, if you know the words, to sing along to. Children will delight in selecting their own tunes and trying to recognise them. You most probably know them all, check out the filenames. The songs are TEDBEARS, STATION, HUSHBABY, RAIN, COMINROU, DOGGONE, INDIANS, MULBERRY, ALOUETTE, LONDON, TUCKER WEASEL, POLLY1, RAILRO, CLEMENT, WHIDUCK, MATILDA, COCKHORS, GODSCHIL, AMERICA, MANDOWN, BUFFALO, CRAWDAD, POPEYE, LITTLEFO, ALPHA. ROCKISL, JOSHUA, COLE, MCDONAL, YANKEE, BILLY, SIXPENS, BLASHP and FISHER.