#134 - Super Adventures 8


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Three more adventures to puzzle and perplex you with very different themes. First is VOLCANO ISLAND in which you have been shipwrecked on a South Seas island with an active volcano. You must find a way off the island before the volcano erupts. The second is THE WIZARDS SWORD, an adventure set in ancient times where, as an apprentice, you are summoned to your master's deathbed to learn the secrets that could earn you the title of Wizard and the right to the sword. You must prove your worthiness by slaying the evil of Medusa that has infested the kingdom. You must firstly find the Sword and five jewels to give the sword energy and you wisdom but you must take care and be careful not to look at Medusa whose gaze can turn you to stone. A tough task for a boy apprentice. Will you survive? The final adventure is FLAT TIRE set in modern day America in which you must find you way home after suffering a flat. Sounds simple but it is not. Apparently this is based on a true life story. Three more challenges for the thinkers among you.