#137 - European Demos 2


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Hot on the heels of our first European Demo collection is this follow up with seven more fine demos written in ST style and pushing the Atari to its limits. More great scrolling music, bouncing bars, colours changes etc., things which a few years ago most people would say couldn't be done. You need to look at some of the screens closely to see just what is going on, what these guys achieve is astonishing. Don't forget to press console keys etc. to find out whether there is more music or other demos, you might be surprised. The demos on this disk are LAMER MIRROR, 2100 BEYOND, REVENGE, LITTLE DEMO, LITTLE COLOUR DEMO and WELCOME ZIPP. They come from Germany and Holland mainly and several are one crews answer to another trying to outdo each other. The last three demos are by individual members of The High Tech Team responsible for The Big Demo. One word of warning, as with many of these Continental things, there are one or two swearwords included in some of the messages which might offend.