#143 - Battle Stations


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Space games and war games make up this action collection for games lovers. CAMBODIA is a helicopter rescue mission in the jungle similar to Choplifter in which you have to rescue soldiers on a scrolling screen without being shot down. SPACE ATTACK finds you defending your central space station from attack on four sides and STARCASTLE is another variation of this theme, both well done and slightly different. Best game on the disk is SKY WARRIOR an excellent game in which you must avoid and shoot nasty flapping space insects - great graphics. SPACE LANDER is one of the familiar 'lander' games in which you pilot your craft down to the planet surface, quite hard this one. The remaining two programs are ESCAPE in which you send three ships across the screen avoiding space mines and PANZER a two player version of the old Tank Battle from the VCS days, simple yet addictive. Some easy, some quite challenging, all interesting.