#147 - Chick Scratch


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If you are looking for a simple to use word processor with minimal screen clutter but all main features of a full blown word processor then Chick Scratch may well be the answer. The disk includes a full manual but you don't need to refer to it if you are familiar with word processing as all the commands on Chick Scratch are only a keystroke away. Pressing one key combination will open up a series of windows that guide you through all of the keys needed to access Chick Scratch's features. As well as moving about through your document you can use global search and replace, count words, swap adjacent characters, find or change words, increase or decrease screen width and print out in many different formats. Chick Scratch will work with any printer and can be configured to suit your own print requirements. Word processors are very personal things so this one may suit you or it may not. It is certainly worth trying even if you already have a word processor. Try it, you might well discover a new favourite!