#164 - Autocrostics


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Do you like to use your brain as well as your joystick? Well, if you like word puzzles or crosswords you will love Autocrostics, a game in which you must answer crossword type clues in order to work out a phrase. At the top of the screen you will find a long phrase with a blank line for each letter, below which are blanks for words for which clues are provided. As you answer each of the clues, a letter from your answer is revealed in the phrase. Unlike conventional crosswords, you can solve Autocrostics either by answering the clues or guessing words in the phrase, either will reveal the matching letter in the other part of the puzzle. You can save your game at any time or print it out so that you can carry on working at the puzzle when away from your Atari. There are several puzzles supplied ranging from easy to very difficult and it will be a long time before you solve them all. Autocrostics is one of those compelling games. If you like to think, you will be sure to become addicted!