#166 - Gladiator


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Entertainment in the 21st century has become rather sophisticated but man still has that desire for the thrills of the arena. With all the technology available you are now able to build robot gladiators to battle in various arenas. Can you create a champion? This is a simulation with a difference in which you must first create robots by selecting weapons, protection and motive power. How you arrange these on the robot is up to you, although you will be guided by side and front views of your robot on screen. Once created your robot can be saved and then entered into battle. Choose an arena and fight to destruction! The actual combat is achieved by entering up to six moves, to include actual movement as well as the use of weapons, to outwit your opponent. Once all the moves are entered, combat will begin and you will fight to the death. There are ready made robots on the disk and full instructions for play. Despite the scenario, this is a strategy game rather than an arcade game and you need to be able to think and plan ahead to succeed.