#167 - Super Stud Poker


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Maybe a game of cards is more up your street? With Super Stud Poker you can relax with Bozo, Fish, Lulu and others in a smoky room and take them to the cleaners, or loose your shirt! Here we have an excellent poker game which gives you the choice of 5, 6 or 7 card Stud, 5 or 7 card Stud Low, 5 or 7 card Stud Hi Lo or Hi Chicago. Don't know how to play these games? Don't worry as there are full instructions on the disk, not only on how to use the program but also detailing the objective in each of the games with full examples of play. Each of the opponents available has different attributes which are explained so that you can choose the level of game play. Some are a pushover but others will give you a really strong game. Think you're good, eh? Super Stud Poker has good graphics, excellent play and will have you playing long into the night.

Boot with Basic.