#168 - The Felton Project


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Feltron is our sister planet, a beautiful pristine place that earth included in its terraforming project many years ago. Feltron was to become an Agricultural/Lumber planet although its ecosystem was still too fragile for human habitation but it was being monitored day by day so that humans could live there when the time was right. Then, one day, the satellite monitoring system detected alien life, a human form that was rapidly expanding and colonising the planet. Communication proved fruitless and it was evident that the aliens wanted this planet for themselves. Mankind could not allow this to happen and so began to assemble a fighting force that could handle the situation. The logistic problems were immense for earth had to ensure that In defeating the alien presence it did not destroy the fragile ecosystem that had been so many years in the building. This highly entertaining and complex simulation has an excellent graphic interface in which you call the right balance of troops and machinery from earth, set up tactical headquarters and prepare for an all out assault that will leave the planet in one piece. Difficult? Impossible? Only you can tell. If you enjoy simulations then you should find this among the best.

Boot with Basic.