#169 - SuperDos 5.0


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A brand new DOS system that is more powerful than any DOS 2.5 based system you have come across. The features are far too numerous to mention and are documented in the extensive manual on disk (may be printed out) so here we will mention just a few of the features. Fully compatible with DOS 2.5 and supporting all drives, in all densities. Automatically configures to the density of the drive and displays the information on screen. Copies between different densities with only one drive. Automatically sets up a ramdisk and supports all ramdisks up to 320k. DOS facilities always available with no MEM.SAV needed, even on an 800 or 800XL. Restores files which have been deleted with directory display of deleted files. Automatic trace and patch for damaged files. Double column display to list 40 files on screen. Any character in a filename. Simple one-key use and keyboard speed adjust. Binary saves cartridges. High speed transfer with US Doubler or XF551. Copy all files including .SYS with wildcards. True sector copier that copies boot disks and skips empty sectors with display of bad sector numbers. Copy to or from cassette. Search for sectors. Copy from DOS 3.0 automatically and much, much more. Also included is SUPERBIN, a program to display and run binary files and SUPERBAS to create autorunning Basic programs. If you are looking for a DOS that is as simple to use as DOS 2.5, looks remarkably similar yet is three times as powerful, look no further. SUPERDOS is it.