#171 - The Trick


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Stuck on a game? Keep dying just as you are about to get to the next level? Don't you just hate it when that happens? Now The Trick can come to your rescue by altering a number of programs to give you infinite lives - up to 255 in most cases. Perhaps now you can finally see the next level on a game that you had given up on. The program alters your original game disk so if you can make a back up do so, or take the chance. After all if you have given up on a game it is not doing a lot just stuck on the shelf is it? This version of The Trick has fixes for Draconus, Spelunker, Zybex, Caverns of Callisto, Droll, Bellum, Starquake, Green Beret, Threshold, Red Max, Roundabout, Mouse Trap, Panther, Ninja Commando, Gremlins and Arkanoid. Remember it only works with original disk versions and not cassette versions transferred to disk and the author's disks may not be the same as yours. Make a back up or use with extreme care!