#173 - Navas' Basic Routines


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Okay programmers, how many of you would like someone else to write the complicated routines so that you can just lift them and drop them into your own programs? This set of routines in Basic by John Navas could be just what you need. Here you will find routines to perform Boolean logic on strings, a high performance routine to convert bytes to printable hexadecimal characters, a general purpose device-to-device utility that enables you to process disk sectors and cassette records directly, a routine to read and write disk sectors directly bypassing the normal file processing, a routine to format numbers for neat printing, a routine to search a string for a substring, another to plot text characters on a graphics screen, including redefined characters. Any graphics screen can be used. There is also a good in-RAM sorting routine, a routine to get the current 'real time' clock value and another to disable Basic. Lots of useful routines but what makes them even more special is that every one is documented. With ready written routines like these you are sure to be able to add extra features to your programs.