#174 - Happy Utilities 1


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There are many Happy fitted drives around but how many folks have found public domain utilities to enhance their use? Here you have a good set of utilities to get the best from your drive. HAPPY XL is a software patch for the XL/XE that allows high speed data transfer between the computer and your Happy drive. HAPPY SUPER-BOOTER allows you to run many commercial boot disks at high speed, increasing data transfer from 19,200 baud to about 52,000 baud! Any program that accesses the drive, whether text adventures, word processors or databases will benefit from this extra speed of access. As well as these major utilities you also have a new TRANSLATOR to run old software together with a number of smaller utilities including LOADFONT which will display custom fonts. RAMOS which will give you extra protected space in RAM to store character sets, SHOWSET to display the entire (redefined) ASCII character set on screen and a few more. As well as all this you get good documentation and the source code to most of the utilities. You'll be even Happy-er!