#178 - The Complete Dr. Who


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If you are one of the thousands of Dr. Who fanatics, this one is for you. The game on this disk originally appeared as one of the bonuses on our issue 44 disk and has subsequently toured the world in various club PD libraries. Along the way, someone put it together with several text files to make a nice rounded disk and we thought we would put it into the PAGE 6 library as it stands. The game is an arcade adventure in which you have to find your Time Drive Unit which has been stolen by the Master. You must search rooms, find and use objects and avoid those who are out to kill you. This is not a text adventure but a graphics based, joystick controlled game with many rooms and lots of puzzles. The added text files make fascinating reading. There is a list of credits of the actors who have taken many of the well known roles in the series; a complete episode list showing program titles, number of episodes and the seasons they appeared in from season 1 right up to season 25; a very nice bibliography with several books which you probably didn't know about; an article on whether the Doctor and the Master are one and the same and a long article on what goes on behind the scenes in a typical Dr. Who season. Finally there is a knitting pattern for a Dr. Who scarf that your Mum (or your wife!) can knit for you - it's a full 24 foot long!