#179 - Lunacy


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One of the most famous programs of recent times is Tetris, one of those games that because of its inherent simplicity and total addictiveness quickly established itself as one of the classics of computer gaming. In earlier times, one of the big software publishers would have produced a version for the XL/XE but, as we know, the chances of that happening now are slim. LUNACY would have had a good chance of being accepted as a commercial release but the publishers' loss is your pain because you can now enjoy a top class version of Tetris at PD prices. Most people will know that the objective is to manipulate different shaped falling blocks so that they slot together at the foot of the screen. When a full line is completed, that line is removed and the remaining shapes drop down allowing more playing space. The object is to keep going as long as possible before the blocks build up to the top of the screen. It's simple, its highly addictive and this version is well programmed in Turbo Basic, quick to respond and has everything you need in a game of Tetris. You can even add your own background music using Pokey Player!