#180 - Data-X


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There have never been many databases for the XL/XE but when they come along they tend to be worthwhile. This one provides a very easy to use environment with records and search and data entry criteria in 'windows' for a very professionally presented program. DATA-X is a full featured information processing system for all Ataris with at least 64k. The program can handle files with up to 300 characters (letters or digits) per field, 20 fields per record. 1,000 records per file or a maximum of 600,000 bytes of information. The program performs certain mathematical manipulations across fields as well as the add, delete and update functions normally found in this type of program. With the use of windows, no complicated commands need be learned and the program prompts for all needed information to perform its functions. Like most current database systems you create files that are arranged as groups of records with each record containing a number of fields which contain the actual information. There are good search functions and the database can be sorted with a wide selection of ways to print out records. The maths functions allow you to calculate the sum of a field, the average, the sum of flagged records, the average of the flagged records in a field and more making this program much more useful than a straight address book (although you can use it for that if you wish). A highly versatile and easy to use program. There is good documentation on the disk to get you started and explain the full use of the program.