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There are a couple of programs around, like Daisy Dot, that allow you to use fancy fonts on your printer but they need a text file created with a word processor into which formatting commands have been added but have you ever wanted to produce some neat output quickly, straight from the keyboard? Fancy Writer can do just that. You select a font and the size required and just type your lines and as you press return the text is printed out in your chosen font. If you wish you can have each line in a different font or different size by choosing the appropriate setting before typing your next piece of text. The program works on NEC and Epson compatible printers and has five built in fonts - Old English, Cursive, Countdown, Futura and Babyteeth with a choice of large, medium, small and teeny-weeny in each. Whilst most use of the program will be direct from the keyboard, there is a function to allow you to save text files to disk, although you have to be careful as there are no editing facilities. The program will also print text files from disk so you can use a word processor to create files. Fancy Writer is the easiest to use, and the most ready-to-go, font program for your printer.