#184 - Assembly Source Interface


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If you already understand assembly language programming this excellent program will help you expand your knowledge. If you are learning then you will be able to disassemble other users' code to try and understand how routines are written. The Assembly Source Interface by Andrew McIntosh allows you reverse-engineer (disassemble) binary files to either the screen, disk or a printer. It produces code that is compatible with the Atari Macro Assembler. Now you can modify other users' programs, even commercial software, to personalise screen messages, to extract ready made routines or to find out how a program has been written. Just imagine the possibilities, especially if you are learning machine code programming, of taking ready written routines and creating code that can be loaded directly into the Atari Macro Assembler. Other routines included allow the source code to be converted to MAC/ 65, change ATASCII files to standard PC compatible, ASCII or vice versa plus many other disk utilities. An excellent program with documentation included.