#187 - Diskcom & Others


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Diskcom is a well known program used mostly by users of Bulletin Boards but it has other applications. The program basically takes a disk full of files and compresses them into one single file to be sent over a modem and extracted by the receiver. It can also be used to create disk files for use with the ST XFormer and XE Emulators on the ST. DIRPRINT is a utility specially for SpartaDos users who can get a print out of the directory structure of any SpartaDos disk in any density. The GRASS CALCULATOR is a fully featured calculator that can print out, do decimal/hex conversion and percentages. It has built in memory functions. Users of TextPro may well be interested in the FONT LOADERS on this disk which allow different character sets to be loaded in once TextPro is up and running. Finally there is LABEL MASTER, a simple label printer that will print out single or multiple address labels that can also be saved to disk. No fancy effects just a straightforward utility that anyone can use and one that will probably be called upon again and again every time you need to write a few letters.