#190 - Ultra Tetris


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Everyone knows the concept behind Tetris and anyone who has played will know just how addictive the game can be. This new version is excellently programmed with high scores saved and displayed on a high quality playfield. In this version, which was converted to the Atari after the author played it on his PC, the falling pieces are blocks of three colours rather than different shapes and the object is to match three or more coloured blocks in vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows. Once matched the pieces are removed to give more space for further falling blocks. As usual if the blocks pile to the top of the screen the games ends. Blocks begin to fall in a set pattern of colours but these can be rotated as the block is falling to give the most advantageous combination. The colours used for the blocks are fairly close in shade making the game much more of a challenge than might otherwise be thought and the game is highly addictive. An eminently playable game that will while away many more hours than you intended when you booted it up!