#192 - Underground ... Overground


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Four major games for you to enjoy as you burrow underground or take your chances above ground. The MAD MARBLE MAZE is an excellent machine code version of the classic where you try to roll your marble along various ramps without rolling off the edge. Lovely smooth scrolling and top class graphics makes this a challenge to enjoy. HARD HAT WILLY is a quite different underground challenge. Here you must first use Willy's hat to kill various bugs that are trying to burrow underground. Each one that escapes will lay eggs underground and it will then be Willy's job to destroy those eggs but Willy can only do that if he can get a hard hat from the birds that fly overhead. Sounds weird? Well, it is an unusual game with many different elements and will keep keen players going for hours. Next we go overground to UP 'N DOWN in which you drive a sort of rally car along a fixed grid like track trying to capture flags and avoid the other vehicles which will destroy you. The way to get rid of them is to jump up and squash them! Great machine code fun! As a finale we have NUCLEAR MOUNTAIN in which you must try to disable a nuclear powered satellite that has crashed into the ice at the North Pole. You are equipped with a flame thrower and a tracking device to try and locate the satellite before the satellite reaches critical mass and so destroys the ice cap. There are five levels of fun in this challenging game and full instructions for play are included. These games are mostly in machine code and of top quality.