#193 - Planetfill


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A tongue in cheek adventure, as committed adventurers will realise from the title. Planetfill is also titled Escape from Dispozon and you are accompanied by Iggy, your long-suffering companion droid. Iggy will explain one of the (many) opening scenarios from his log such as - 'The Andromeda Doria was probably a fine starship once but my master, Horkenfork, has been piloting her in circles for months. He won't admit it, but he's not only short, he's very lost. We're now orbiting about an unknown planet and, even as I record this, a large mass of Interstellar debris is impending on our bow. Given his low intelligence, it's unlikely that my master will notice it in time to prevent a collision. Master Hobblefrog is quite an emotional specimen. Screaming, gasping, clawing at the lifepod hatch, I got him inside before he peeled off all the paint; we abandoned the Doria and commenced planetfall. Things were progressing nicely when Master Huddlebad suddenly came to, began yanking at the controls and gibbering things like "Look out for that!". I managed to restrain him but the damage was done. The planet is hurtling towards us. But Master Humblenod was far from through. It wasn't enough that he put the pod into a power dive. No, he had to pass out again. And this time on the eject button. It wasn't a pleasant landing." So goes the opening scenario, or is it? Next time you run the program things might be quite different. You have to escape using traditional adventure commands but things get quite difficult when the story keeps changing every time you play!