#194 - In the Air


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A whole host of flying or space based games, many in machine code. POLAR EXPLORER starts us off with a simple game in which you control a submarine and have to shoot down helicopters and planes that are trying to bomb you. Nice horizontal scrolling in this one. RAID ON GRAVITRON is a cracker, somewhat like the classic Encounter but in space. Your view is through the window of your ship as you hurtle through star fields shooting at incoming tie fighters. Survive these and you will have to survive the rigours of the time tunnel were the correct gates must be blasted to get through. If you survive you will come across the Allen Stockpile where dozens of ships are being prepared. If you can avoid the protective force fields you can destroy them all, but it is not easy. ASTRO WARRIORS is a neat two player game that uses ships similar to those in Asteroids. The objective is simply to shoot your opponent but things get difficult if you choose to fight in Solar Orbit or around the dreaded Black Hole which will suck you in if you get too close. SPIDER CITY is very much in Defender mould except that the action takes place in an underground labyrinth, mapped out on screen. Shoot all the enemy craft as you try and clear all of the caverns. Excellent smooth scrolling and sound make this one top class. AIR RAID is again similar in style to Defender but here you have to protect ground based installations from incoming squadrons of enemy aircraft out to bomb them. Best tactics are to go out to sea to confront them but you will need to watch your fuel and ammo supplies and you must return to base every so often to top up. Another quality game with great scrolling. Fillers are a couple of Basic programs, AIR DEFENSE in which you fire an anti-aircraft gun trying to judge the right height and STELLAR DEFENSE, a very simple yet highly effective game in which you blast incoming ships on a Tetris like playfield. With so many top class machine code games this one represents excellent value for money.