#195 - Myriad Mazes


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Some classy machine code games in Pacman style layouts, each one sufficiently different to allow hours of varied play. CRAZY SCOOTER seems at first to be quite simple as you try to drive over all the dots In concentric squares while trying to avoid the other scooter patrolling the maze. The problem is that you cannot slow your scooter down, although you can make it go faster, and the trick is to plan your route carefully otherwise you will find yourself on a collision course. In MR. M you have to control the greedy muncher as he goes around gobbling up all the fruit. The other members of the community don't like this much, though, and try to shoot Mr. M with darts. If Mr. M is full he can resist the effect of the darts but if he is hungry he will be quite vulnerable, so your job is to keep him well fed. ZAND'S LABYRINTH is a sort of cross between those Caterpillar games and Pacman. You have to control your snake as he clears all of the dots in the maze. It might sound familiar but this game just oozes class and is one of the very best with several options. Try it at Expert level and you won't believe the speed of that snake! You won't find better graphics and sound anywhere. Last one is CRAB NEBULAR, a little like the original Preppie in style but here you have to clear a path through four moving walls in order to blast the crabs blocking your path. Fairly simple in concept, much harder in play, this one comes with full instructions on the disk. All machine code programs on this one.