#196 - Strike Four


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Baseball makes a change from more popular games and if you want to have a go yourself then BASEBALL on this disk will get you familiar with the game as you play against the computer either batting or fielding. The playfield is a full view of the baseball diamond with all fielders present. If you are batting the computer will pitch balls at various speeds for you to hit and run. When the computer is in it is your chance to vary those pitches and get your fielders chasing the ball. All of the players are animated in this classy game which may take a little while to master but which will give hours of fun. If you fancy some mountain climbing for a change try ALPMAN in which your climber is hanging onto ledges by his fingertips. The object is to help him from ledge to ledge leaping or climbing ropes. Sounds easy but this is a real challenge with quite precise timing required. MISSION X is similar in style to Caverns of Mars and you have to make a helicopter descent into underground caverns. You can lift and manoeuvre your chopper but cannot have it stand still so the challenge gets greater and greater as the caverns twist and turn. To round off the disk we have NIGHT FLYER, a Basic game in which you try and land a plane at night using only the cockpit dials and gauges. It sure is dark out there but if you read the instruments right you can survive. The baseball game is the star of this disk but you also have a couple real challenges thrown in. Try them if you dare!