#197 - Turbo Games 1


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Turbo Basic originated in Germany and this disk of Turbo games comes from Germany but, fear not all the games are easily playable and require no translations. There are three major games, all high quality. First is BUBBLER 2 one of those snake in the maze games where your ever lengthening snake has to go round gobbling up food. GLIBBER is a platform game that takes some working out. The initial screen has many snow covered ledges and you need to guide your character around them collecting food to feed the animal on each level. The major problem is that doors on each level act as lifts and they only go up, so some strategy is needed. The last game is JUMPING SPIDER in which you guide a tiny spider around jumping over things that will harm him and climbing webs. The game is quite straightforward but some extremely precise timing is needed and this game will be a challenge for the experienced player. A couple of bonuses make up this disk together with a good menu that you could use on other disks. If you just want to play the games, that's fine, but if you like to program in Turbo Basic, you could find this one quite useful to see how things are done.