#198 - Personal Spelling Checker


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Spelling checkers are rare on the Atari so this one is most welcome. Add the fact that it's extremely fast and you get a fully fledged word processor on the disk and the news is doubly good. The spelling checker works on any standard text file and allows you to build your own dictionaries, including specialist ones for specific needs. Only very basic 'starter' dictionaries are provided so you have to build your own dictionary. This can be done by proofing a document and adding words one by one or, if you have a document which you know is spelt correctly throughout you can add the entire file to the dictionary. You won't believe how fast it is! Hundreds of words can be added at lightning speed so you will have a comprehensive dictionary in next to no time. Proofing documents is just as fast and the program is so easy to use. Included on the disk is ANTIC WRITER, a fully fledged word processor that will give you almost every command you need and there is an extensive two part manual on the disk which fully explains every feature. There are far too many features to detail here but you can rest assured that this completely machine code written program is of top quality and will provide ease of use for the novice and power for the professional user.