#200 - The Stonetime People


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Anyone remember Broderbund's Arcade Machine? Well, this was a game creator program a few years back with which you could create your own shoot 'em up without any programming knowledge. Surprisingly there have been few games put into the public domain using this utility but now we have The Stonetime People, an imaginative platform style shoot 'em up with atmospheric graphics. The action takes place in a huge cave which has various ledges from which the stone age people are rolling boulders down to try and crush you. You wander along the floor of the cave and have to shoot the boulders as they fall and the stone age people on the ledges. You need to watch out for the pterodactyls which multiply as the levels advance. On higher levels one of the adversaries starts to push a boulder along the floor of the cave so that you have less and less room and time in which to complete the level. The Stonetime People is an imaginative use of a game creator, not a classic but a game with a difference and some classy looking graphics.

Boot without Basic.