#202 - Turbo Games 2


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Another three cracking Turbo games from Germany with a little bonus thrown in. Top of the class is FLIP AND FLOP, a three dimensional grid style game in which you must proceed diagonally across the squares collecting diamonds whilst avoiding those squares that have holes and making sure that you don't drop off the edge. The platforms are on various levels so you have to clear each before dropping down onto the next. As each level appears the task becomes more complex and you must really plan your route. SUPER MINER is an underground game in which you have to collect various objects on your travels through a mine. The first level is just a taster and you might think that It is easy but on the second level you might get no further than a couple of moves unless you can work out the secrets. Obviously the objects you pick up can help or hinder you but which is which? Very nice graphics and some good challenging gameplay. Next is LUNAR LANDER, a game that will be familiar to all but which is still addictive. This version is a little faster than most and so just that bit more of a challenge. Ideal for a break from other games. As a final bonus there is a ridiculously simple chase game in which the objective is nothing more than to see how fast you can press the fire button. Sounds silly but I bet you'll have more than one go!

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.