#208 - Scrids


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Every so often along comes a game that looks simple but because of its combination of graphics, sound and playability, stands high above the rest. SCRIDS is one of these that simply requires you to shoot enemy blocks and collect different sorts of tokens before escaping to the next screen. The story Is that you are In the dungeon of the Scalds and must fight your way out. You will be facing off against Benkders, Fareforms and Blankburps. Along the way you can pick up special weapons to help you in your fight. You can also pick up Bysenuukuses for more points. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the Whirling Gankleblister at ground zero. You have a gun but will need quick reactions. This rather fanciful description disguises the simple players in the game but If playability is what counts this is a winner all the way. We have only made it to dungeon three, can you do better?

Boot without Basic. Press Start to play.