#209 - Turbo Games 3


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Five games and a music bonus make up a disk that shows the power of Turbo Basic. The first game is HOELEN GNOM, don't know what that means but it a Berserk type shoot-out with you in a maze of rooms shooting nasties. You can't touch the walls or the nasties and can only shoot horizontally which makes things more difficult. KUBERT Is a variation of the classic game in which you hop from platform to platform changing colours. Nice large graphics in this one. Next SUICIDER is a platform game with lifts in which you have to collect keys to open the door to the next level. A real puzzler this, as it seems impossible to get past the nasties. There is obviously a strategy involved, can you work it out? Again excellent graphics. SABOTAGE is another Berserk variant in which you have to destroy a shielded missile base and other things that look like petrol pumps(!). The base will drop its shields each time it fires at you and you have to be quick enough to shoot back before the missile closes in. The final game is SPURFALL, a simple angle worms game but with a superb coloured grid as the background. Some top class games for you and don't forget that music bonus.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.