#210 - Daredevil


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Another game in Turbo Basic from Germany. Dare Devil is a maze game in which your player has to retrieve a number of green and gold keys to unlock various doors and score points. Also running around the maze are some nasty green things and contact with these is fatal. You can shoot them but only horizontally which makes it rather difficult if you are trapped in a long vertical corridor. The keys are arranged in such an order that you have to take the long way each time you open a door. You must first retrieve a gold key to unlock the door to the key room which lets you take one, but only one, green key. Once you have unlocked a green door you must take the long route back to fetch another key. All the time the green nasties are multiplying and time is running out so that the trip to the key room becomes progressively more difficult. What looks like an ordinary maze game becomes a real toughie. The graphics are top class and the combination of strategy and quick reaction make this an extremely playable game and a real challenge.

Boot with Basic.