#211 - Skyplot


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If you didn't manage to get a copy of Planetarium whilst it was still available (or even if you did) you might like to try this program. Not as sophisticated as Planetarium, SKYPLOT shows the Sun, Moon and Planets visible above the local horizon for any given time or place. The main display screen covers 180 degrees horizontally and 80+ degrees of elevation. Viewpoints can be flipped to N, S, E or W and the sky colour darkens realistically from darkest blue to lightest in 16 steps during morning twilight and darkens in the evening. The moon and planets can be seen, however in their correct positions by day or night. It's fun to view the sky as the ancients may have viewed it or you can view the sky at the time of historical events or on your birthday. It's just as easy to view the sky in the future. Simple graphics but ideal for anyone interested in astronomy. A very full worldwide table of latitude and longitude is given in the instructions enabling you to set up the program wherever you live.

Boot with Basic.