#212 - Glyph


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Glyph is a Shareware Font Editor and Utilities package for the Atari Classic. The utilities comprise a program that will take any 9-sector font and turn it into Basic (or Action) data statements so you can easily use these in your own programs. There are also ready written routines in Basic and Action! and for SpartaDos to use these fonts in your own programs. There are several fonts available on the disk. Glyph itself is a standard font editor but with the facility to load and work on two fonts at once. Each character set can be interchanged either with the system font or with each other and virtually all the editing commands you will need are included. Characters can be overlaid on each other or vertically flipped and well as scrolled in any direction. You can modify any of the fonts on the disk or create you own and, with the utilities, you can easily include any font in your own programs either as readable text or as redefined characters for backgrounds or players.

Boot with Basic.