#214 - German Mix 1


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Five top class games and a utility make up this disk. SUPER HUSH is a platform type game with a difference as you negotiate various ramps and elevators in search of ducks (or geese?). On the way you must avoid many green thingies that will kill you. All of the ramps and elevators are connected and the playing field is several screens which flip as you reach the edge. VIDEOSTOP is one of those simple but highly addictive games. The object is simply to match two of three dice by pressing the fire button. The graphics are excellent and despite the simplicity you will want to come back for more. THE BIG HOUSE is a sort of arcade adventure in which you wander about a big house trying to collect various objects whilst avoiding insects, birds and other creatures. Play is a little slow but the graphics are good. TRONG is a cross between Angle Worms and Pong and if you are bored with these just try this and see how good you are! The bats operate as angle worms and it is near impossible to get to the ball on time. Try It! The final game, HOUND, is a straight two player Pong game but very playable. The utility is one that everyone with machine language games should have as it creates a bootable disk without DOS which presents a menu of games on the disk for you to simply choose and run. With this you can create your own favourite disks from the myriad of games in the Page 6 Library.

Boot without Basic. Select from menu.