#217 - Cosinus


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More of those Continental style demos including the demo of the title that lets you alter the parameters and play with the display in real time. COSINUS is a double screen display of those twisting patterns that are created with sines and cosines beneath which are a set of values that can be changed with a joystick. Plug in and away you go to create your own unique displays. Other demos included are ENJOY which combines normal demo techniques of graphics, bars and music with an excellent slide show based on a fantasy theme. Very nice pictures in the style of many Zeppelin games. FOTO is an intro screen from the High Tech Team (remember the BIG demo?) with neat effects, OPTISER has a bouncing multicolour scroll and music. To round off there is a demo from POKEYSOFT which combines many different scrolling techniques on one screen, you have to see it to believe how many scrolls can be combined. Another neat demo disk that proves once again the Classic can match more than most.

Boot without Basic. Select from menu.