#218 - Adventure Extra


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A couple of adventures plus some extras to keep you thinking or to play when you can't solve the adventures! ONE FOR THE ROAD is the main adventure. Written in machine code, this has an excellent display screen and starts with you aboard ship in a cabin which has a couple of objects and a locked filing cabinet. Check you wallet and you will find a photo of your house so you assume that you have to get home. But how? Wander out on deck and the only way is down. Go down and the cruel sea finishes you off. That's as far as I could get but I am sure you can do better. THE TREASURES OF BARBOZ is a simpler adventure with forests, winding paths and bridges guarded by trolls. Standard stuff that should be a pleasure to novices and experienced alike. GO is an excellent implementation of the ancient Japanese game from which the word Atari comes. A strategic game that requires you to capture pieces on a board, Go is said to be more complicated than chess and is, in fact, the most widely played board game in the world. TRANSITION is a simple yet frustrating game where you change the places of counters from one side of the board to the other. Seems simple when you see, seems impossible when you play it. VIDEO POKER is a neat version of the poker slot machines, just stick in the money and decide which cards to hold and which to draw. Big payouts! Lastly there is LUCKY, a throwaway in which you try and select the numbers that the computer is going to pick.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.