#219 - Skeet Shoot Collection


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Fancy a bit of skeet shooting? Now's your chance with a great shooting game in which you have to take aim in each of eight positions as the clays are launched from two sides across the screen. Very quick reactions are required to line up your sights and squeeze the trigger at just the right time. Speed is variable and up to 9 players can participate in a tournament. T X CRUNCHER is set on an electric grid with T X as a little guy who feeds on power cells. You must guide him around collecting cells of differing power whilst avoiding the Hulk Robots that guard the grid. Nice graphics and decent play. CLASH OF THE KINGS is a two player arcade strategy game in which you each move your players, or their weapons such as tanks and helicopters across a board. Whenever opposing players clash on the board play switches to an arcade sequence where you have to blast each other. The loser's piece is then eliminated and play continues. The final objective is unclear but a few games will sort it out for you. MAZE MUNCH is another Pacman clone, not much else to be said but worth a play or two, and KBERT is a Qbert clone where you try and turn the pyramid to a different colour while avoiding the nasties.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.