#220 - Fairway Frolics


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If the weather gets too bad there is nothing like a quick round of golf in the comfort of your own home. FAIRWAY CHALLENGE is an 18 hole golf course complete with most of the hazards found on the real thing. Play is controlled by the keyboard and you select your choice of club, the strength of your swing and the direction of shot. When you reach the green you need select only the strength of shot. The graphics are good and the doc file gives hints and tips on play. MAGIC FIRE is a 'room' type game in which you move around collecting boxes while avoiding the magic fires. Nice bold graphics and difficult play lend this one an air of quality. SLITHER is a Nibbler done in machine language and extremely well done. If you are hooked on this style of game you will enjoy this variant. In SAGUARO you find yourself in the desert complete with the cacti of the title. Well, not quite because these cacti grow from eggs dropped by a vulture! Your job is to round up the eggs before they hatch whilst the vulture who will carry you away if he catches you hovers above. You cannot stay out in the desert heat for too long and so must make it back to your cabin with at least one egg every so often. If you fancy a spot of gardening try LAWNMOWER in which you must just cut the grass. Of course there are problems like avoiding a couple of neighbours on level 1, making sure you don't fall down holes on level 2 and trying to mow down the Mad Planter on level 3. If you don't he'll keep replanting the mown areas. Last one is SPEEDSKI, a neat little downhill racer that will give you a few hours pleasant diversion.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.