#221 - Wordsearch Solver


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Have you ever tried those wordsearch puzzles in magazines? You know the ones, where words are hidden in a grid of letters and you have to search for them in any direction. Some of them can be real tough, especially when a competition deadline is looming, but now you can use your Atari to solve these puzzles for you. This great program written by a dedicated wordsearch addict will enable you to solve several different types of puzzle. It will tackle the standard puzzle where you have to find all the words, you just type in the word grid and then ask the computer to identify each word as it is typed in. It solves those puzzles where one word is not in the grid, you type in the grid and the word list and the computer tells you which word is missing. It also solves the more unusual puzzle where the vowels are missing together with 'nines', those 3 x 3 squares that contain a nine letter word. Of course doing it this way takes out the fun of solving the puzzles but if you get stuck it will take away the frustration and you will be able to do dozens of competitions without major brain fade. Who knows, you might win that holiday to Florida at last!

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.