#222 - Sevens


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Sevens is a card game for four players sitting round the table as in Bridge. The computer plays North, East and West and you play South as you attempt to dispose of all of your cards by placing them in sequence on a foundation of sevens. The game is played for a pot which is increased if any player cannot play a card. The rules are simple but as in many simple card games, there are a number of subtleties in play. There are four levels of play in the game. In the first you simply watch the computer play all of the hands so that you can get some idea of play and tactics. Your turn to play comes in Sevens Helper where you are helped along by suggestions of cards to play. In the next level you are on your own except that if you try to play an illegal card the computer will show you which cards are playable or when to chip or pass. On the final level you really are on your own and any attempt to play an illegal card will result in a fine payable to the pot. The graphics are excellent and there is full documentation included.

Sevens is ideal as a solitaire game or as a means of practice for playing against real opponents with a proper deck. You should be able to get the family involved in a simple to learn, yet challenging and interesting, card game - and you will have had the advantage of practising in your Atari! Also included is NUKE XL, a simulation of the operation of a nuclear power plant. Your task is to prevent a meltdown by adjusting the amount of heat produced by the reactor. Some nice diagrammatic graphics add to the appeal of this standard text input simulation. The final program is a game called LOST CITY, a platforms type in which you have to search through five levels collecting gold and riches in your search for The Lost City. A straightforward platform game but neatly done.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.