#223 - Sliding Duelling


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A collection of various games on the theme of exploring dark places and sliding things about. The major machine language game is DUNGEON DUEL, a Berzerk type game in which you have to collect treasure in a dungeon while avoiding the creatures that are after you and without touching the walls. The action is fast and the game is challenging. Next we have ROCKSLIDE, one of those puzzles where you have to get three diamonds in line by sliding various blocks around. Yes, it's been done before but this is a very good version that will keep you challenged for a good while. CAVE is a lander type game where you have to collect fuel canisters in an underground cavern, it looks easy when you first see it but there is plenty of challenge. DEFENDING WORLD is a simple Missile Command type in which you have to shoot incoming missiles with your fixed ground based laser. STARSECTOR DEFENSE is a little more involved as you control your ship trying to avoid asteroids and destroying enemy craft. Shields play a vital part in this game and are more effective than weapons if you crash into an enemy with shields up! Last one is KASON'S TOWER, a straightforward platform game in which you have to get to the top of the screen avoiding arrows that come at two heights on each platform. Another that looks dead easy but is a real so-and-so to complete.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.