#224 - Pinball Pair and others


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A couple more pinball games with a nice machine language hopping game and some demos thrown in for good measure. The pinball games are SUDDEN DEATH, with four sets of flippers at the bottom and AURA BALL with the flippers high up on the board. Each game allows up to four players and will keep you challenged for a good while. The game is QUICK STEP is which you have to jump on various items of food which scroll smoothly down the screen trying to change them to another colour. It looks like you are a kangaroo but there is also a frog who is determined to change the food back to its original colour so you have to keep going back over items you have already changed. You must avoid landing on the same piece of food as the frog and must make sure that you don't get carried to the bottom of the screen where you will slide off to oblivion. Simple concept but very neatly done and a good challenge, especially for younger players. The demos include GREMLINS, a neat drawing of a couple of gremlins with some good music and a scroll, SNOOPY, where Snoopy dances about to some very good music and loads of scrolls in all sorts of directions. Last one is FLYING PIGS, exactly that!

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.