#225 - Bar of Fortune


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If you like Wheel of Fortune, now shown on TV over here then here is another chance (see also disk #51) to pit your wits against the wheel is the ultimate word game. Up to three players can take part in this game of guessing phrases which can be people, things or places. You spin the wheel and select a letter to see if it is in the phrase. If successful you win the amount shown on the wheel and play again. If the letter is not in the phrase then play passes on to the next player. At any turn you can attempt to guess the phrase and can then win the accumulated jackpot and the game. Bar of Fortune is neatly done with the 'wheel' as a bar scrolling across the foot of the screen and the phrases at the top. There are three version of the game on the disk, all with different phrases to keep you and your family busy for ages.

Boot with Basic. Select from menu.