#226 - Game Show


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Here is an interesting word challenge game for the whole family or a group of friends who think they can outwit each other. The object is to give six correct answers to each question similar to those TV game shows where the public are given a question and the six most popular answers have to be guessed. The question scrolls along the bottom of the screen and the first player, or team, to press the fire button gets the chance to answer. A time limit is selected and the player who presses first gets the chance to type in the answer in a 'Face Off'. If his answer is one of the six selected by the computer then it is uncovered and the player gets points awarded and another go. If he gets it wrong then his opponent gets the chance to answer. At the end of this round the player with the higher points gets to Play On. Here you must try to get all the correct answers in less than three 'strikes' (i.e. wrong answers). The player winning the Face Off can decide to take the challenge himself or pass over to his opponent, if he feels his opponent will not get the questions right. The final choice is to Steal the points by trying to get all the answers in one try each. Difficult! There are 200 questions and 1155 answers on the game disk with an option to design your own game disks for further play. Full instructions for creating your own data disks are included. This is an excellent family game that will keep you busy for many long evenings but it can also be played solo, by those who like the challenge of figuring out answers. It is not easy to work out six items that emit a beam of light or six places in the States with lots of swimming pools but if you give it a go you will find yourself hooked. An excellent game.

Boot with Basic.