#227 - Kvadryk


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Long ago and far away in a country called Kvadryk abstract inhabitants lived their quiet abstract lives until malicious dragons appeared and began to destroy the established order. The fall of the country is close unless you can destroy each of the dragons on the various levels of this intriguing and challenging puzzle game. You will find a screen with numerous different blocks and a dragon wandering around. What you must do is make the dragon eat all the blocks by using special magic blocks to guide him around. Once the blocks have been eaten a magic mirror appears and if you can guide the dragon towards it he will be destroyed. Although this may seem easy there is a great deal of thought required since the properties of the magic blocks mean that the blocks can only be moved by transferring the magic to another block and moving a short distance. You therefore have to establish links between the blocks to force the dragon in a particular direction so that he will eat blocks that are not crucial yet leave those which you might require later to guide him about Not easy! The actual game play is not easy to describe but is fully explained on screen and after a few practices you should get the hang of it. The graphics and game design are excellent and there is a save game feature for when the going gets too tough. Up to 8 players can take part in the challenge. This is a top quality game similar to the many puzzle games coming from the Continent except that the concept is entirely new and somewhat different.

This disk was withdrawn from the library.

Boot with Basic.