#228 - Run for it!


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Another game that, a while ago, might have been considered for commercial release. This is one for lovers of platforms games in which the objective is to explore dozens of screens looking for canisters which will give your energy, and your lives, a boost in search of the final objective which is .... well, you'll just have to get good at the game, It is too difficult to complete in time for this write up! The graphics are big and bold and your character is a fair size. You need to bounce him onto various platforms which may have nasties bouncing along, or you might find them floating around in the air between platforms, making timing of jumps crucial. Although the final destination is not obvious there appear to be dozens of screens and a high score table will give you something to aim for. Difficult to say more but if you like platform games you should not be disappointed. Top class, big bold and well-designed graphics make this an excellent PD release.

Boot without Basic.