#229 - Earth 2500


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It's time for a space shoot out again or, more accurately, time to board you ship and skim along just above ground level trying to bomb and shoot the enemy - Airstrike style! You will be familiar with the design of this game which gives you another opportunity to test your reflexes as you guide your ship along on its mission, desperately trying to avoid enemy fire. You need to bomb tanks and enemy saucers as well as shoot down the missiles which are launched with increasing regularity. All the time the tanks are shooting back at you and your fuel is being used fast so you will have to find somewhere to land and refuel. Decent graphics and nice smooth scrolling make this a worthwhile game, with 5 sectors for you to negotiate before you can consider yourself a worthy pilot of the future. Times look to be tough in 2500, but you can start to practice today! First objective is to make it to the Hall of Fame and then you can begin to take on the challenge of the other sectors.

Boot with Basic.